As you know, each of us always needs quality, reliable and accessible legal services. We must admit that in some cases we have hesitations, questions and concerns about these three requirements. There are even cases when we specify the service provided by one lawyer with another lawyer. These difficulties led to the creation of the website provides legal documents in Azerbaijan, ie preparation of lawsuits and applications required to apply to the court, preparation of various types of standard and mixed contracts, preparation of useful document samples and software for lawyers, legal support of business for business entities, as well as is an online legal services portal that offers a reliable bridge between lawyers and non-lawyers.

The portal was developed by a professional team with many years of experience in law, programming and startups. Numerous legal examinations of each legal document were conducted, and risks were taken into account. Also, the biggest advantage of the portal is that the documents prepared on the basis of your answers to the questions are checked by professional lawyers and are constantly updated.