1. Subject of the contract

1.1. In accordance with the Rules for the Provision of Online Legal Services (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), the Company undertakes to provide the client with remote legal and other related services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), and the client undertakes to accept and pay for them.

1.2. The company's services are provided on the basis of customer orders.

1.3. These rules are considered an offer and can be accepted by the customer only by joining them in full.

1.4. By accepting the rules, the customer accepts the provisions of any annexes to the rules, as well as the documents developed on their basis, as well as the provisions of the company's rules published on the website www.huquqi.az in full and unconditionally.

2. Terms used in the rules

All headings of the sections are used exclusively in the Rules for the convenience of the latter and do not affect the terms of the Rules.

Tariff Plan - A set of basic criteria (types, quantity, price, etc.) for Legal Advice Services provided to clients Tariff plan is an integral part of this Agreement.

Order - information confirming the conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal services between the Client and the Company and reflecting the order number, the date of conclusion of the contract. It is sent to the e-mail address or telephone number specified by the customer. The order form is determined by the company and can be changed.

Activation of the order - consists of the customer's entry in the company's customer register, registration of the customer's personal data and recognition by the system to use the customer's legal services.

Identifier - is the customer's order number in the system of the site.

Customer - any individual who has the right to use the services of the Company. The rights of this person are confirmed by the relevant order (including obtained electronically). The Customer accepts the Rules when ordering. A person who has submitted his / her personal information (name, patronymic, address, contact information, etc.) when applying to the company for the first time to provide legal services.

Application for use of services - containing all necessary information related to the provision of Legal Services to the Company by the Client (user, if the user is provided by the Tariff Plan) orally or electronically in order to benefit from the Legal Services provided by these Rules and the Tariff Plan. is a properly designed order.

Lawyer - employees or partner lawyers of the company who have the required professional qualifications and experience and provide direct services in accordance with the present Rules, as well as the internal rules of the company.

A company is an individual who has entered into a contract for the provision of legal services in accordance with these Rules, providing customers with online legal and other related services.


Legal advice service - is the provision of a client with a service consisting of an explanation of legal norms at the request of the client, to be resolved by a lawyer within the framework of the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Oral or written opinion of the company's lawyer (or partner's lawyer) on the nature of the legal norms governing the customer's claim, as well as the methods of resolving the situation and, if necessary, the risks, as well as the outcome of the case in court or a legal assessment in writing.

Document preparation and instruction service - Azerbaijan on preparation and sending of a document (lawsuits, contracts, documents on legal organization and support of business, etc.) on the basis of the client's request, as well as submission of the document to third parties and bodies It is an explanation of the steps to be taken in connection with the legalization of the document within the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Legal examination and interpretation of the document - Legal examination of the information and documents, contracts provided by the Client, as well as legal interpretation of the document in oral form (contract, application, charter, etc.) The service is provided on the basis of the Client's order.

3. Procedure for concluding and entering into force of the contract

3.1. The Agreement concluded between the Company and the Client shall be deemed concluded and binding on both Parties from the moment of acceptance of these Rules by the Client. Acceptance of these Rules in full and unconditionally by the Client is considered to be the acquisition by the Client of the right to purchase the Services by concluding a contract with the Company.

3.2. The rights and obligations of the parties arise from the moment of conclusion of the Agreement, except for the rights and obligations which may arise objectively after the first application of the Client.

3.3. Upon receipt of the Order, the Client may transfer its rights and obligations under the Contract to a third party. In this case, the Client must be informed in detail about the features of the Personal Service, which acquires the rights and obligations, and these Rules.

3.4. Transfer of rights and obligations under the Agreement in accordance with paragraph 3.3 of these Rules shall be carried out by sending the Order and other documents acting as its annexes, as well as the Order number to that person electronically. The Client Company must inform about it by e-mail. In all such cases, the Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about the Services.

3.5. If the Company has served the Customer, the funds paid will not be refunded.

3.7. If the service is not provided and the Customer rejects the order for Legal Services, the Company is obliged to return the payment to the Customer.

4. Terms and list of services

4.1. The list and volume of specific services provided to the customer are indicated on the official website of the Company.

4.2. Services are provided on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as norms and principles of international law, which are an integral part of the legal system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as established legal customs.

4.3 The Services are provided exclusively for the benefit of the Client, on the basis of the Client's personal request and represent the Client's personal interest in matters arising during the legal situation in which the Client is a direct party.

4.4. Services are provided upon written or oral request of Customers who meet the requirements set by the Company.

4.5. Customer identification is a necessary condition for the provision of services to the Customer in accordance with the customer's registration and order. The customer identification procedure depends on the form in which the customer applies to the Company. When applying by e-mail (or mobile number), the Customer undertakes to record personal information. In this case, if an employee of the Company has reasonable doubts that the person applying for the service is in fact a Customer, then the Lawyer may ask the Customer additional questions to eliminate the doubts.

4.6. The Services are provided by the Company in the state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Services may also be provided to Customers in other languages ​​agreed between the Parties.

5. Terms and procedure for providing services

5.1. Terms of rendering services are calculated from the moment of registration of the Customer's order by the Company.

5.2. During the specification of the request (submission of additional materials, documents), the process of providing services begins from the moment of receipt of the specified order (receipt of additional materials, documents).

5.3. To purchase the services, the customer must apply through his personal account located on the official website www.huquqi.az. Receipt and registration of customer applications is carried out around the clock (24 hours).

6. Terms for the provision of services on Oral Requirements

6.1. The "Oral Legal Advice" service is provided within the timeframe specified by the Client at the time of ordering (immediately or within 24 hours).

6.2. In some cases (the need for additional study of legislation, legal practice, materials, the number of materials provided by the Client) the provision of services provided for in paragraph 6.1 of this Regulation may be postponed no later than 3 (three) calendar days from the date of registration of the Client's application . The "Oral Legal Advice" service is an exception and must be provided within 24 hours of the Client's request.

7. Term of service on written requirements

7.2. "Written consultation" service is provided 24 hours a day.

7.3. In some cases, especially in difficult situations, the period of provision of the Services provided for in this paragraph may be extended to no more than 5 (five) calendar days.

8. Customer rights

8.1. To use the services during the period of rendering the services assigned in accordance with the order given by the Customer;

8.2. Take advantage of all discounts and special offers provided by the Company for customers;

8.3. To inform the Company in case of non-provision or provision of services of the required quality, as well as in case of inaccurate, unrelated application for services by an employee of the Company;

8.4. Obtain necessary and accurate information about the company, the scope of services provided, as well as other information related to the provision of services.

9. Customer obligations

9.1. To provide complete and accurate information to the Company for the purpose of identifying the customer and providing services to him;

9.2. When applying to the company for the first time, to provide personal information necessary for the purposes of paragraph 12.2 of these Rules;

9.3. Not to violate the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to comply with the moral and ethical norms accepted by everyone when applying to the Company for the provision of services;

9.4. Unless otherwise specified in these Rules or the selected Tariff Plan, to use the services in person;

9.5. To prevent the use of services by non-Clients in accordance with these Rules, unless otherwise specified in the terms of service;

9.6. To fulfill other obligations stipulated by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and these Rules.

10. Company rights

10.1. Involve third parties to provide services to customers;

10.2. To verify the information provided by the Client, as well as the Client's compliance with the terms of these Rules;

10.3. If there are reasonable doubts that the Client has violated the provisions of the Rules established by the Agreement, the provision of the service shall be suspended until such doubts are eliminated;

10.4. Refuse to provide the Services in the following cases:

10.4.1. The Client violates the terms of these Rules;

10.4.2. The provision of services is related to the emergence of the Client's claims against the company;

10.4.3. Purchase of services arises from the client's unlawful interests;

10.4.4. The provision of services causes the Company to violate the requirements of applicable law, as well as the norms of morality and ethics accepted in society;

10.4.5. The provision of services affects the rights and legitimate interests of the Company.

11. Duties of the company

11.1. To provide services to the Client in accordance with the present Rules, rules and conditions stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

11.2. To provide informational services to the Client related to the provision of services;

11.3. To provide the Client with an opportunity to get acquainted with the current Rules.

12. Customer personal information

12.1. The Company processes the personal data of the Clients in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the protection of personal data, these Rules, as well as local acts adopted by the Company.

12.2. The Company collects and processes the Customer's personal data for the following purposes:

- Customer identification;

- provision of individual services to the Client;

- improving the quality of services, their easy use, development of new products and services;

- conducting statistical and other research on the basis of anonymized data.

12.3. By accepting the terms of these Rules, the Client agrees that the Company collects, protects, uses, systematizes, disseminates and otherwise processes the personal data of the Clients for the purposes specified in paragraph 12.2 of these Rules.

12.4. The Company guarantees that the personal and confidential information provided by the Company's Client for the purpose of providing Legal Services may be used by students in accordance with applicable national and international law.

13. Intellectual property rights

13.1. The Company reserves the exclusive rights to intellectual property arising in the process of sending services to the Client. In this case, the Client has the right to use such facilities indefinitely exclusively for personal purposes.

14. Dispute resolution

14.1. All disagreements or disputes arising in connection with the adoption and implementation of these Rules shall be settled through negotiations as far as possible. If for any reason the agreement is not reached in the course of the pre-trial settlement (except for negotiations, the claims must be submitted in writing by the Client and reviewed by the Company), then all disputes between the Company and the Client are considered in the relevant court.

15. Limitation of the company's liability

15.1. Under no circumstances does the Company provide or claim an official interpretation of the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as provide all services arising from the accumulated experience of a Lawyer and the Company based on the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. These Services are of a recommendatory nature.

15.2. The Client understands and accepts that as a result of the provision of this or that Service, the failure of the Client to achieve the expected result when applying for the relevant Service does not mean that the Service does not have the required quality.

16. Final Provisions

16.1. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Rules at any time. All changes to these Rules are published on the official website www.huquqi.az.

16.2. All Annexes to these Rules are an integral part of these Rules.

16.3. These Rules come into force from the moment of publication on the official website of the Company www.huquqi.az.